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About Malta

The Maltese Islands are a melting pot of different cultures that have each played a part in shaping our history, heritage and lifestyle. While there remains an innate Malteseness in everything that we do, influences from past rulers can still be observed in our day-to-day lives.

Our language is derived from semitic roots with Italian influences, and is the only language of its kind that’s written in Latin script; our Capital City – Valletta – and the Islands’ fortifications, were built by the Order of the Knights of St John; our national flag bears the George Cross, an award for the country’s display of valour during the Second World War, during which Malta served as the naval base for the British; and the list goes on.

8000 years of history are condensed into an island of just 316 square kilometres, so history can be found in every corner of the island. From the oldest free-standing temple structures of the Megalithic Temples and the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum to incredible feats of fortified architecture like the “silent” city of Mdina and the Capital City of Valletta, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you will also find that there’s a more modern side to the Maltese Islands too.

After over 160 years of British rule, Malta became an Independent nation in 1964. Since then, the Island has continued to develop into the warm and welcoming Island that we know today. From beautiful sunny beaches, to fun-filled leisure activities, luxurious experiences and, of course, historical and cultural excursions, the Maltese Islands have something to offer to every type of traveller. An open, safe and multicultural destination, Malta has always been a melting pot that embraces a diversity of cultures. Today, our country is one of the most inclusive places in the world; happily welcoming thousands of travellers of all kinds, shapes, sizes, colours and creeds every year.

Experience the Magic of the Maltese Islands

Discover more about Malta with a few fun facts!

300 days of sunshine

The Maltese Islands boast 300 days of sunshine throughout the year.

Less than 3 hours away

Malta is less than a three hour flight away from most major European airports.

Nowhere is too far

The island’s total area covers just 316 km squared, meaning travel times are often kept under 20 minutes!


Maltese and English are the two official languages on the island, although many people are also fluent in Italian.

Historic sites

The Capital City, Valletta, was the European Capital of Culture in 2018 and is one of three UNESCO World Heritage Sites found on the island.

European Nation

Malta joined the European Union on 1st May, 2004 & adopted the Euro on New Year’s Day, 2008.

A Taste of Malta

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