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On a small island like Malta – where sand and sea can be found around every corner – sustainability has undoubtedly become part of the mainstream conversation in recent years.

As passionate individuals become increasingly aware of environmental sustainability and implement changes into their daily lives, they are also helping to drive changes within the corporate sphere. We’ve seen many sustainability-focused organisations being established, while several companies are also doing their part to protect our environment. After all, we all would like to ensure that visitors can enjoy our natural environment as much as we do!

The positive impact that individual actions can have on their environment is best exemplified through the sustainability movement. This is why we do our best to contribute to the cause by supporting the island’s foremost organisations working toward preserving our environment.

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Without further ado, here are a few of the ways in which the Alpine Team organises sustainable events in Malta.

Offering environmentally-friendly transport

When it comes to transport, we encourage clients to choose environmentally-friendly options which can actually make an event even more fun! How about a guided bicycle tour of the islands, or exploring the historic harbour area around the Three Cities in electric vehicles? We even work with transport providers such as Zarb Coaches, who have installed solar panels on their vehicles to generate #greenenergy on the go!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your company’s CSR profile, we can provide an opportunity for your team to make a positive change that will last much longer than the duration of their trip.

One recent event that we organised saw over 200 participants working hand-in-hand with the local NGO Nature Trust to clean-up one of the secluded bays located on the north coastline of the island. A total of 800kg of waste was collected, most of which was found by sifting sand to filter out lost items and cigarette butts which are harmful to wildlife. Plastic materials that had been washed ashore were also collected from the sea and surrounding coastal areas and dunes. The beach is now a protected hatching area for turtles, which return every year to a safe and clean bay.

Nature Trust also engaged schools to collaborate on building bat houses as part of the event. Students were tasked with cutting wood that was then transported on-site as well as demonstrating how bat houses can be assembled. This helped raise awareness about the importance of bat populations to the ecology of the island and, once completed, the 140 bat houses were returned to various schools on the island to be used as nesting areas for bats in the future!

Plant-a-Tree in Malta with your team

Apart from being a great team-building activity, tree planting is a fantastic way to introduce sustainability into your event. We’ve had lots of teams plant young seedlings, labelled with their company name, so that they can watch their trees grow as time passes. We’ll be happy to send you photos to see how they’re getting along, too!

Reducing Single-use plastic during Malta events

Over the past few years, we’ve done our best to reduce the amount of single-use plastic at events. Instead, we look for biodegradable alternatives to plastic cutlery, plates and straws for outdoor events. We also have a dedicated cleaning team to ensure that no negative impact is left on the environment following an event.

Choosing Sustainable Venues in Malta

Our team is always on the lookout for new venues and activities that bring out the natural charm of the Maltese Islands. A recent visit to the ‘Razzett tal-Qasam’ farmstead in Manikata is just one example of an ideal, picturesque venue for sustainable programmes.

We’re looking forward to organising farmer’s lunches with organic and homegrown produce once we are able to host events again, welcoming you to the beautiful surroundings of areas such as this farmhouse.

Are you as passionate about sustainability as we are? Then get in touch with a member of our team to start planning your next environmentally-conscious event with us!

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