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As a Destination Management Company that was founded in 1969, we’ve witnessed the significant growth of the tourism industry in Malta. We’ve watched thousands of visitors step onto the island for the first time and leave with precious memories. We’ve shared our islands’ spectacular history with each and every individual we’ve met along the way. We’ve shown travellers the many different sides of the Maltese Islands, from the scenic coastal areas to the living museum that we’re lucky enough to call our capital city.

And, with each interaction, we always grow a little closer to this island we call home…

As we share our beloved island with visitors, we cannot underestimate the impact that an individual person can make on our land. Over the years, we’ve been working hard to ensure that this impact is a positive one, by focusing on sustainable travel, eco-tourism and Corporate Social Responsibility activities that help protect our land. Now, we’re taking our commitment to sustainability one step further by teaming up with Tides Rising, a local company that focuses on using ESG principles to build long-term projects that lead to positive environmental and social impacts.

Who is Tides Rising?

Tides Rising is a Sustainability and Activation Agency that originated out of a strong desire to protect our island’s natural resources. The agency is led by Melanie Vella (a lawyer who diverted her focus toward sustainability) and Alex Vella (an economist by profession) who met while running Wave of Change Malta, an NGO that has driven a 20,000-strong movement across the Maltese Islands to help people find ways to make sustainable lifestyle choices that have a positive impact on their wellbeing, the planet and our seas.

Speaking about the partnership, Melanie says: “Through this initiative, we hope to see a world in which day-to-day, businesses contribute positively to the planet and community they influence and function within. By partnering with Alpine Sterling, we aim to safeguard the uniqueness that is the Maltese Islands and ensure that visitors can enjoy the island in a way that not only gives back, but also regenerates our culture and heritage to build a lasting legacy.”

Promoting Sustainable Travel in Malta

Our team will be working with Tides Rising to offer all our clients the opportunity to be part of a positive change. This can be through implementing activities that align with your company’s values, partnering with a local charity or reducing the carbon footprint of your event.

Using an ESG framework, Tides Rising will help our clients find the right solutions for their events through custom-made travel packages. Some examples of these activities include:

  • Animal Care – Meeting local animals and their caregivers and spending two hours building kennels for these graceful creatures;
  • Sea & Personal Wellbeing – Joining a microplastics beach clean-up, and learning about the local fauna and flora while visiting one of Malta’s most stunning beaches;
  • Children & Sports – Participating in a football tournament with local youths from different backgrounds and experiencing the Islands’ love for the sport.

Moreover, this initiative will help us to ensure that our events are as sustainable as possible. This can be achieved by choosing locally sourced and seasonal food, organising zero-plastic events, offering green travel options and organising offsetting projects.

Let’s Make Your Next Event a Sustainable One

Interested in discovering new activities to make your event a more sustainable one? Get in touch with our team today and we’ll help you choose the right activities to support your ESG goals.

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